Once More With Feeling


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I was sitting in the front row of the Ben Edlund panel on Saturday, July 14 and noticed that someone had just sat down behind me. I glanced back to see who it was, did a double-take, and then promptly spent the next five minutes trying to stealthily take pictures for you guys. I don’t think Misha even noticed.

I’m sure the relevant bits where he talked/was referenced during the panel are all already up online, but I thought I’d share these pictures with you guys since I was so up close and personal to take them.

(Weird side story: at one point he shifted in his seat and kneed me in the lower back. Brushes with famous people are not always glamorous.)

(Weird side story #2: They showed clips of Ben’s work during the panel and I’m 98% sure that Misha had never seen the Venture Bros before because seriously, you guys should’ve heard him laughing during that clip.)

(via theangelcastiel)