Once More With Feeling


The name is pronounced 'Catty' - I have been spelling it wrong since I was five. Deal with it.

Loyal minion to the Overlord. Serious shipper of Destiel. Dean!girl and Cas!girl but I love Sam Winchester to death. Dedicated Killjoy. Lyn-Z is my ultimate woman. Starship Ranger. Obsessed with Captain Swan and Killian Jones - mostly Killian. Also Outlaw Queen. Slytherin student. I play the Game of Thrones. House Stark. I am Spartacus. Nagron is love. If I can't protect the earth, you can be damn well sure I'll Avenge it. Sarcasm is my first language.

AoS season2 - one gifset for episode  I Will Face My Enemy

Fitz, this team wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. This is big. Let me buy you a beer, mate. We haven’t gotten to work together much yet, but I thought this was a successful mission.

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